Cemeteries & Churchyards

Local Authority and Municipal Cemeteries
Everyone is eligible to be buried in a Local Authority or Municipal Cemetery and most are divided into sections to cater for different faiths and those of no faith. These sections are called Consecrated and Un-consecrated.
Local Authorities have their own table of fees. There is one for the purchase of the grave this is called the Exclusive Right of Burial, and one for the interment which is for the preparation of the grave.

Most Cemeteries have rules and regulations regarding the erection of memorials. Before any memorial can be placed the owner of the grave must sign an application form showing the details, design and inscription required and as long as these meet the regulations, permission will be granted by the authority. We would complete and submit the necessary paperwork on your behalf. There is normally a fee payable to the Authority for the permission this would be paid on your behalf and the fee would then be added to the final account and shown on the estimate.

Burial in a Churchyard is open to all members of the parish, but it is not unusual for there to be no room for new burials in some Parish Churchyard’s
Although fees are charged, Churchyard graves are not purchased by families, therefore, the grave would in effect still remain the property of the Parochial Church Council.

Although memorials are governed by strict guidelines decided by the Diocese it is normally left to the Incumbent of the Churchyard to decide what is acceptable regulations can vary from Church to Church, we suggest that you check with us or the Incumbent as to what will and will not be allowed and acceptable before making a decision.
Most Churchyards will allow Natural stones  e.g. Slate, Portland, York, Nabresina and Grey Granites with a matt, rubbed, sawn or rustic finishes usually Marble, polished Granite, ceramic photo-plaques, heart-shaped or book headstones are not allowed.

Privately Owned Cemeteries and Woodland Cemeteries
These operate in much the same way as those run by Local Authorities. Woodland burial has also become a popular alternative, graves can still be purchased but instead of a memorial erected in memory of a loved one a tree is planted on the grave, giving people another option for burial.